Monday, November 24, 2008

I need you..

Sometimes, I believe
there is this darkness.
A hopeless, gloomy air
filling all the corners.
The world thus seems to 
have no slots to fit me.
Everyone else seems to be
better, its like its only me.

Moments and time seems to slowdown
Into nothing but a frozen river,
cold and still.

I need you as much as person 
stuck in that river would need a small fire.

I need you as much as a pint of water
in a desert.

I need you as much as I would 
ever need you. All the times.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Being a man.

Its not possible for me to have my
moral compass pointing north.
I am sorry, I can't be an angel.

I never believe that someday I will
make this world free of all the troubles
I hate being this optimist.
Sorry but I can't be a philanthropist.

It would have been fascinating to fight
10 bad men at a time.
To punish them for their crime.
But I just can't be a superman.

I do believe in success,
I do want the world to know me.
To sit on the top.
But I am not sure that I can be a world leader.

But I am sure.
And I want to be sure.
That I'll always stand besides you.
No matter what comes, will do my best to
protect you.
Through everything lean and mean
Through everything, bad and good.
Anything to get you the respect.
I don't mind being a man.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Have a nice day.

Have a nice day.
I smiled and nodded in appreciation.'Have a nice day'.. 'HAVE - A - NICE - DAY'
The word circled my head. 'HAVE - A'..'HAVE'..The onus lies on me. To have a nice day
is my responsibility. Its not a wish its a reminder. Thanks my friend for the reminder.
When someone says have a nice day, go ahead and make you day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clicked Emotions

Click went the camera.
And the duo were united for eternity.
Wish them a happily married life.

Click went the lunch box.
The Pandora's box is open.
Its my favorite meal.
Thanks Mom.

Click went the lock with the key,
finally giving up its stubbornness.
Coming back home at midnight.

Click went the last letter typed.
One more dismissal letter.
Just another day.

Click went the mouse,
That long mail full of complaints or may be excuses.
Finally its over.

Click went the pencil tip
last 5 minutes, so much to write

Click went the gun,
the last bullet shot was the last.
A soldier surrounded by enemies.