Monday, October 29, 2007


Fear, Physiologically, is linked to activity in the amygdala of the limbic system. Literary fear is a response to the impeding danger. But for most of us its an emotion. Fear of lose, hurt, insult, separation, rejection, death, pain and sometimes due to abstract notions. With something so deeply rooted in our daily life, irony occurs when we try to run away with the fact that there is fear inside. Putting aside fear for now, let us imagine driving in a car with no brakes, the result is obvious, now imagine someone who is not afraid of getting hurt, would he be rather careful while driving?. Fear is nothing but a necessary emotion purposefully evolved during the course to act as a brake for the living organisms. We speak of safety to ensure that we don't get hurt, we drive carefully on account of being afraid of getting hit. People who are brave have evolved in due course of time to act in a certain manner or environment, and this is called preparedness. Speaking of a stunts man, we know that he can handle what may seem as life threatening to a majority of us, reason his acquaintance with the act. All of us, have some level of preparedness, our ancestors would have faced different fear, for what may seem as an obvious situation, at time it would have been classified as a peril. Does that mean that after a long time will there be no fear at all? I believe no, we can come over the fear due to physical insecurity, we may also be able to cheat death, but will we be able to come with something make us an emotionally invincible?.

So my dear friend if you feel that you are afraid, you are just as normal as anyone else, and all you need to do is to realize that accepting your fear is the only way to overcome it, if you intend to do so. Besides, wouldn't accepting your lack in bravery would be an act of bravery itself?


Mushkilein hai to rahengi, ek gayee to doosri saamne.
Jeetne ki chah ho to haar nahin ginte.

Bhagwaan ka but bolta nahin kaafir ke saamne.
Par is khayal se woh khush nahin hua karte.

Dhalte hain din aur dhalti hain shaame,
Honsala aur irade nahin dhalte.

Mukkammal samay na ho to kya karega Akbar,
Koshish karne waalon par to maskhare bhi nahin hanste.

Kehta hain sabhi ki,
Lakh lagao taakat, par aasmaan nahin hilte.

Unse kahe koi ki dhoondh kar dekho to sahi
Bhagwaan mil jaaya karte hain par insaan nahin milte.


One long soothing sleep
A gaze at the ocean deep.

One sky blue,
One drop of dew

One breeze cool
One lazy drool

One homly meal
One discounted deal.

One happy thought
May be a jeans newly bought?

One 'Yes'

One admiration,
That always changing passion.

One rainy day,
was more awaited than a sunday.

Today's choice of career.
The other day something else is clearer.

One perfect excuse,
One day in recluse.

One happiness


My friend don't get influenced by the trend.
Enjoy the purity and ignore the blend.

Life is a path, less of straights and more of bends.
Straights go unnoticed, its a bend to apprehend.

Blame you faliure on destiny, and move ahead.
But dont forget the mistake and do not forget the lessons learned.

And when it comes to success, you must enjoy the fruit.
And your efforts for it, you must comprehend.

When the whole world around you is blaming,
Believe in yourself and dont mark it as an end.


I dare to be afraid and I am afraid to be brave.
I still think of the heights and thats what for I always crave.

I hated to love and I loved to hate.
I blamed everyone and I blamed my fate.

I felt weak yet I stood stronger.
I feel tired of holding it longer.

I came and I quit.
I could have waited and I should have sit.

I waited for long and I lost my patience.
I wanted to leave and I wanted my absence.

I admire and I desire.
But its just that I dont require.

I found and I lost.
Its painfull then worst.

Its hard to say what I feel.
Cause I cant surrender and I can't kneel.

Life is not made to last forever.
and a bad luck is not gonna end never.

I look around without my shades.
I see all around those colourful drapes.

I feel that I havent lost much.
There is a smile for me and there is that touch.