Monday, October 29, 2007


I dare to be afraid and I am afraid to be brave.
I still think of the heights and thats what for I always crave.

I hated to love and I loved to hate.
I blamed everyone and I blamed my fate.

I felt weak yet I stood stronger.
I feel tired of holding it longer.

I came and I quit.
I could have waited and I should have sit.

I waited for long and I lost my patience.
I wanted to leave and I wanted my absence.

I admire and I desire.
But its just that I dont require.

I found and I lost.
Its painfull then worst.

Its hard to say what I feel.
Cause I cant surrender and I can't kneel.

Life is not made to last forever.
and a bad luck is not gonna end never.

I look around without my shades.
I see all around those colourful drapes.

I feel that I havent lost much.
There is a smile for me and there is that touch.

1 comment:

Kaushal Kishore said...

Very Good!! Finally a place to say something "exclusively" about you.