Monday, January 10, 2011


Life is a game of chess,
I always thought.
Making moves thoughtfully
Endlessly I fought.

To every situation I found a move
Thought that it would make me stronger
Only to find that the move made the game
A little longer.

I could see people around me loosing
And those who did never loose.
I never lost hope thinking
Come on' my skills are inferior to whose?

But how is it that I feel like loosing
Was that a wrong move, I am always musing
May be not or may be
But this was not according to my strategy!

All I have is one square at a time
Black or white, the choice is not mine

I thought harder only to find
That it's not me who is playing the game
I am just another pawn on the board
Waiting for my move, I don't have a name.

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